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Custom Finishes and Textures with the Whizz Roller.
1 hour of examples, instructions and work shops


Roger Merrill is a leading faux painting specialist in the Southern California. He has taught hundreds of people these painting techniques in his workshops. He has developed this video due to the response from customers wanting to learn his easy and fun techniques.

Custom Faux Finishes and Textures


Create beautiful finishes in just minutes!


Using tools, such as the Whizz Roller, you can create rich textures and finishes easier than you would think possible. The possibilities are limitless, and with this video and a Whizz Roller, you'll learn the techniques that will empower you to do-it-yourself and spark your imagination.


Learn the many types of tools, techniques and styles that are available to you.

Tight Bag Roller

Various comb techniques


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Spates Painting

Equipment and Materials

Venetian Plaster Trowel
Putty knife
Palette for plaster

Drop Cloth
Wet Sandpaper - fine grit
Sandpaper - 400-600 grit
Masking Tape

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